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State Bar Certified
Criminal Law Specialist

★ Former Deputy District Attorney
★ Top 10 Law School Graduate
★ No Jail for 99%+ of all clients
★ Ranked #1 in San Gabriel Valley
★ Fluent in Chinese/Spanish/English

Lisa Z. Liu, Esq.

Attorney Lisa Z. Liu is a former Deputy District Attorney with extensive courtroom and jury trial experience. Lisa was immediately hired as a DDA after graduating from one of the nation’s best law schools, the University of Michigan Law School. After being a DDA for several years, Lisa opened her firm in January 2014 and built her thriving practice on sheer word of mouth from colleagues and former clients. 

In a few short years since starting her own private practice, Lisa has not only earned the respect and trust of her clients but also the admiration of her colleagues. Lisa has been voted onto the Board of Governors for the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ). With over 2000 members, CACJ is the country’s largest statewide criminal defense bar association. She was also selected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bar Association, the only LA based criminal bar association to have representatives from the Defense, the Prosecution and the Bench. 

Lastly, Lisa was elected to the Board of Governors of the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association, the oldest APA bar in the country and the largest APA bar in Southern California. She is the ONLY State Bar Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist who fluently speaks Mandarin Chinese in all of Southern California. 

Practice Areas

Driving Under Influence

Domestic Violence

Theft Related Offenses

Drug Related Offenses

Serious & Violent Crimes

Gun Related Offenses

Sex Crimes

Sealing & Expungement

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